Happy Sunshine Nursery


It seems like most of our friends are having their second babies so I’ve been dreaming up lots of nurseries over here. It’s hard for some families to let someone else design their first nursery and understandably so but by the second time around you’re dealing with a toddler in addition to all the stresses of pregnancy, so parents are happy to hand over the reigns. Generally when designing a room I have a general direction or possibly even a theme provided by the client, but with this one I was able to take some liberties and have some fun. I created three different moodboards and this was the first one I presented. [spolier alert: this is not the one they chose, that one will come last]

When I got started on these moodboards I first checked out my friend’s pinboards to get a feel for what she was thinking. Most everything was from the last nursery but still relevant for inspiration. It had a lot of yellow sprinkled throughout though it was admittedly more on the traditional side. Her husband however, tends to like things that are a little more modern so I decided to pull the yellow from her inspiration and the modern style from him. The first thing I looked for was a statement piece to be the focal point of the room. This is obviously the rug. I am super into this southwest-graphic look. It was the perfect foundation for the room.

I am a big fan of mixing patterns and textures in a room because that’s what gives it a comfortable -lived in feel that never seems stuffy. When it comes to things like crib sheets and changing pad covers I really struggle with the options from most big-box type stores. Some of them are so cutesy and overly-babyish it kinda kills me so I turn to Etsy. Some of the shops use the most amazing, fun but still sophisticated fabrics. Etsy is also a really great place to find affordable art.

They both really liked this room but one of the other ones was instantly THE ONE. What do you think? Love it hate it?

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