Safari Lodge Nursery

I have so much love for this moodboard I can hardly stand it. If I were doing a nursery for my own house right now it would be this exactly. You might remember from my last post that I had some creative freedom with this nursery project since it was for close friends. This, ladies and gentlemen, was my wild card. Something I designed solely because I wanted to. It was not inspired by my friends at all but I presented it nonetheless (this is not typical of a normal client situation – just my homies). They loved it, but it wasn’t the one that really spoke to them. It spoke to me though. In fact it’s still speaking.

So many good things in this room. Where do I even begin? It has a pretty neutral color palette with texture galore so this is totally gender neutral. Target is killing it lately and the newish Pillowfort line is no exception. I love those stuffed animal heads. With those, the stuffed elephant toy, baby animal prints and the rocking zebra there’s a whole zoo worth of animals in this room and it never comes close to cutesy. Also let’s talk for a minute about how incredible the crib sheets and changing pad cover are. I mean stop. This tribal rug paired with a cowhide was a match made in heaven. The mixed throw pillows are so perfect together too. Leather and fur? Sign me up.

Anyone else all heart eyes for this room? It’s just too good.

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