Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Moming is no joke. Whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home mom or somewhere in between (like me), moms work so hard to take care of their people and they all deserve some serious appreciation. To make this a little easier I created a Mother’s Day gift guide. These are all things that have been on my radar and I’m sure lots of other mom’s would love them too.


1 // Saint Olio No 2 Neroli Body Refresher, $20 – I’ve not smelled this myself but I’ve heard fantastic things and I am obsessed with anything Neroli scented. Smells like heaven.

2 // Williams Sonoma Plaid Kitchen Towel Set of 2 in French Blue, $12.95 – These are the prettiest blue color and I would love to have them in my kitchen.

3 // Domino Sweeper & Funnel in White, $59.99 – ok so this isn’t totally affordable for a glorified broom and dustpan but it’s definitely worthy of a splurge. For one it’s beautiful. You could stick it on a wall hook and it’s functional art. Second, it combines to one piece when it’s not in use. I might be the only mom asking for cleaning supplies this Mother’s Day but I have been lusting after this thing for. ever.

4 // Eddingtons Italian Olivewood Spoon 12-inch, $8.50 – This is such a simple, affordable gift but let me tell you, it’s great. I actually already have it in the 10 and 12-inch size and I use them all the time, so I want more. Give me all the olivewood spoons.

5 // Slip Silk Pillowcase in White, $79 – this also goes in the not exactly cheap category but think of how much we spend on skin care products. That’s basically what this is. A pillowcase that is gentle on your skin and hair, so prevents wrinkles. Sign me up.

6 // Amethyst Quartz Geode Shaped Soap, $9.50 – How awesome is this?!? This would look great in our bathroom in a cute little soap dish. It would also go great in a little housewarming basket.

7 // Pom Pom Slipper, $40.00 – I live in slippers when I’m at home so I go through them way too often. It occured to me recently that for the amount of time I wear them I should really get a nice pair. Not to mention they might last a little longer. These look like walking on a cloud. I still regret not buying the Sherpa Slippers from Madewell and now they’re gone forever so maybe I’ll order these soon to avoid more non-buyers remorse. **LOOKS LIKE I MISSED THE BOAT ON THESE TOO – they are sold out on the website!! Here’s another pair I love that are more like the Madewell slippers: Similar

8 // Papier D’Armenie Rose Burning Papers, $7.00 – I just ordered these so they’re not really on my wish list anymore but what a cute idea. You light one and stick it in a heat-safe dish (like you would use for burning palo santo or incense) and that’s it. The scent lasts for hours and the traditional scented version is supposed to be great at eliminating cooking smells from the home (I ordered three of those too!)

9 // Brass Plant Mister, $29.95 – if you know me, you know I’m a recovering plant murderer. I love them so much but I’m so bad at taking proper care of them. MAYBE…..if I had a really cute mister like this one I could change my ways for good.

So there you have it — my 2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide. It’s only two weeks away and it will be here before you know it, so pick up all the goodies and prepare to shower your mama with lots of love and affection. Unless she just wants some quiet time, then give her that instead…and coffee…or wine….or both. She deserves it.