Project 62: New Home Line at Target

If you’re like me you like nice things, but you also have a deeply rooted, long-term relationship with Target. I love Target. I would say it’s unnatural, but come to find out I’m in good company. I go there when I need to pick up one or two things, to do some grocery shopping, and to escape when I get some kid-free time. There’s nothing like roaming every aisle very slowly, reading all the labels while enjoying a still-hot coffee.

We already have plenty of reasons to love Target, but they are about to give us yet another. They are debuting a new home line, Project 62, designed for small spaces in the mid-century modern style. This line is nothing short of amazing. Some things are similar to what they already offer, but a lot of it you just wouldn’t expect to find at a big box store. I am really interested in seeing what the quality looks like because in recent years they’ve really upped their game. The prices for decor items is under $100, with bedding and furniture priced higher, up to $700.

Steph Piontkowski Interiors picks from the Project 62 line coming soon to Target.

Here are a few pieces of furniture that I’m really digging, and I may have to get these nightstands for my own bedroom.

I want all the copper in this line. The metals I have in my kitchen currently are silver and copper. I love the two together and Project 62 has some pretty rad copper accessories.

I love to make a good cheeseboard. It’s become one of my entertaining signatures, and I love a cheese slicer that is pretty enough to display. This copper bowl would great for a number of purposes but I see it best as a planter.

This hex table is giving me all the feels. The slim profile makes it a versatile piece, that you could move around to shake up your decor whenever you get the itch.

Steph Piontkowski Interiors picks from the Project 62 line coming soon to Target.

Here are a few more things I’m into. I love a tripod lamp. I have a vintage teak version in my living room, but this one is so sleek. This blue and white pillow is so great. I love the look but can’t wait to see the texture and finish in person. I am an admitted plant-killer so I am all about low maintenance plants that I can’t murder and this wall planter is perfect to throw some large air plants in. I’ll be picking up a few of these for sure.


Project 62 is going to be so good, right?!? It’s available in stores on September 19, but you can order online starting on the morning of September 16. Luckily this is not a special limited-edition line, so you shouldn’t have to worry about things selling out too quickly, and according to A Bullseye View, it is a line that will be updated seasonally much like the Threshold line.

Check out the lookbook and tell me which things you love, or if you even like this line at all.