Monthly Edit May 2018 // Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I’m back for another monthly edit and this month’s also doubles as a Mother’s Day Gift Guide. A lot of these things are available on Amazon Prime, in store or available for store pickup so you still have time!! These are all things that I have and love or would love to have.

1 // This leather brush roll from Leatherology is intended for paintbrushes but I think it would be perfect for storing your makeup brushes. Even better it rolls up and you can throw it in your gym bag! Isn’t this color the best?!?

2 // If you’ve seen a lot of essential oil diffusers you know most of them aren’t very pretty. They look cheap or cheesy, but not this diffuser from Vitruvi. It is divine. It is made of porcelain and uses ultrasonic technology. It’s available in black or white and you can’t go wrong with either. It is on the pricier side but it is the perfect combination of form and function.

3 // I am all about good smells but I’m super picky about which ones I want in my home. My absolute favorite scent is a sea salt, maybe sometimes with bergamot or neroli but mostly simple and clean. Finding a good sea salt candle or diffuser is so freakin hard! This one from Linnea’s Lights is great and only $34. I can deal with that!

4 // If you know me you know I can not have a party without making a cheeseboard. It’s my entertaining go-to and always a crowd pleaser. The Art of the Cheese Plate offers some serious inspiration to up my cheese plate game.

5 // Here’s where I get a teency bit woo-woo. I love the energy and healing that crystals can bring to your home and your life. Yeah my husband thinks I’m nuts, but even if it’s the placebo effect in action, I say that doesn’t matter! They lift you up and make you feel good so however that happens, in my eyes it’s working. The Little Book of Crystals is a great starter guide for anyone new to crystals, like myself.

6 // Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve seen this book everywhere and for good reason. It is filled with gorgeous homes and is the ultimate inspiration. Diane Keaton’s The House that Pinterest Built is the perfect coffee table book. Period.

7 // Here in San Diego it’s coming up on summer concert season. Seriously my favorite time of year. Usually we just load up our little red wagon and pull it down to the park, but this year I’m stepping it up! This table in a bag from Crate and Barrel has been on my wish list for some time and it’s on sale guys!! $39.95 and no more bending over to eat off a picnic blanket, this one sits about 16″ tall so perfect for a little chair, pillow or just sitting criss-cross on the ground. Especially with another baby on the way this table will really come in handy for future picnics!! Mine is already ready for pickup and I just ordered an hour ago – yay!

8 // This Be a Nice Human tee is right up my alley. I likely won’t order one until later this year or next because…baby-bump…but that shouldn’t stop you! It’s the perfect amount of casual slouch without looking sloppy and at $34 it’s a good price. As always Nordstrom ships free and has store pickup. At some stores they even bring your order out to your car. Now that’s winning, ha!

9 // This basic little brass keychain is the perfect way to dress up your keys, which are typically ugly and boring.

Let me know if you have any of these things and if you order them for yourself or the mama’s in your life! I’d love to know what you think about them!